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Homemade Moonshine Distilling – Copper Domed Boilers

Looking to take part in the historical tradition of moonshine distilling? Build your own moonshine still at home with our high quality, professional grade stainless steel & copper still boilers and enjoy homemade whiskey the way it was done in the Prohibition era. Half the fun of the moonshine experience is manufacturing and building your own whiskey still and here at MoonshineStillPro, we offer components so you can build yourself that homemade still and get distilling moonshine.

How to Make a Pot Still? What You Need:

Copper Boiler with a Dome

Depending on your moonshine distilling goals, choose a boiler that has the capacity you want. We’ve got both a smaller capacity 7.5 gallon boiler and a larger 13.5 gallon copper boiler.

Copper Tube Column

Any still must contain an adequate air space inside to allow alcohol vapors time to separate from water vapors. A tubular still column is commonly used to provide this space as the height assists the separation of vapors. For any top grade moonshine still for sale, copper should be the primary metal used. Copper reacts with the steam vapors making your spirits taste better. The 7.5 gallon boiler and the 13.5 gallon boiler uses 2” copper plumbing tube.

A Condenser

After the mash is heated in the copper boiler, the alcohol vapors pass up through the copper tube column as steam and must be then cooled back into a liquid before exiting the still. Most homemade stills use a tube within a tube water jacket type condenser for this purpose. These can be plumbed to any cool water source. A pump placed in a large container of water is commonly used. Alternately some distillers choose to employ a copper tube spiral known as a “worm” to function as the condenser. The “worm” typically passes through a container of water which then cools the alcohol steam causing it to condense back into liquid form.

Container for Moonshine

Now that your alcohol is back in liquid form, have a receptacle to collect your homemade moonshine. Glass containers are the most common. Make sure you choose one large enough or have several available and switch out as each consecutive one is filled. Mason jars have been the container of choice for many years.