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Copper & Stainless Moonshine Stills

To make moonshine at home, browse our impressive selection of pot stills for sale. These pot stills are made from stainless steel & copper, the premium materials used in making high quality moonshine stills. Each of our copper domed moonshine stills are handcrafted and custom designed to deliver the moonshine or other spirits you’re looking for. Depending on your distilling goals, choose from the 2.75 gallon stove-top still, the 5 gallon stovetop still maximum, the 7.5 gallon still or the larger 13.5 gallon still. The 7.5 and 13.5 gallon pot stills are available with a tube within a tube water jacket type (Leibig style) condenser or without any condenser for you to hook up to your own copper coil or other condenser. Unlike most of our competitors, all our stills are sized by their maximum usable capacity and not their internal volume which is and must be much larger for proper operation.

Best Moonshine Stills for Sale

At MoonshineStillPro, we’re experts in the hobby of whiskey and spirits making. We view making moonshine and other spirits at home as a wonderful and enjoyable hobby. Whether you want to skip the hard work of making your own pot stills at home and buy one of these complete stills, or buy our distilling equipment parts and DIY copper components – is your one-stop shop for still supplies!

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The Cleo Ultimate Stovetop Copper Pot Still, 2-3/4 gallon stovetop still for making moonshine The Cleo - Ultimate Stovetop Still
List Price: $355.00
Our Price: $325.00
You save $30.00!
Copper Moonshine Still, 6 Gallon 6 Gallon All Copper Moonshine Still
List Price: $899.99
Our Price: $899.99