Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are actual charges determined by USPS or FEDEX (Home Delivery or Ground) based on shipping weight and value of the order. No amounts are added for packaging or handling.

The default carrier for each order may not be the most economical. However for most parts and supplies orders USPS Priority Mail is the less expensive option. For larger packages FEDEX (Home Delivery or Ground) is generally (but not always) less than USPS. To change carrier click the down arrow menu tab just to the side of where the carrier is stated, then select "other carriers", then select your preference.

Order items designated FREE SHIPPING items separately from shipping added items to get the free shipping. Shopping cart is unable to separate these items for the calculation of shipping.

Package labels are marked from "Pro Performance Supply" and vendor ID for credit cards is also "Pro Perform". Nothing identifies your purchase as being distilling equipment or supplies. Some still models may have a picture of the stainless pot on the side of the box as we like to reuse the nice double wall boxes the pots come to us in.