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The Real Story on Distillers Yeast

Yeast might be considered the most essential element of producing moonshine whiskey, rum, vodka or other spirits. For until we ferment a mash or wash into a fluid containing alcohol we have nothing to distill into a spirit. Different yeasts can be used successfully. Each however has its own character and performance which does effect the outcome a distiller wishes to achieve. Furthermore stuck and incomplete fermentation, off flavors and odors, and overproduction of volatile chemicals can all be avoided by the proper selection of a quality yeast. Many a distiller has kicked himself over wasting time and money producing a bad batch of whiskey just because he was trying to save a buck (or even less) by using improper yeast. If you read the blogs on the internet there are people who swear they can make good moonshine liquor using simple cheap bread yeast. Maybe they did or maybe they just have unrefined tastes. Certainly bread yeast does produce some alcohol. But it will die off at a lower alcohol percentage than distilling yeasts. Low yield not withstanding perhaps the biggest problem with bread yeast is the inconsistent results. There are many brands and types of bread yeasts. All of which are different strains developed for a specific baking purpose. However the manufacturers never reveal what yeast strain is being used. Nor do they always use the same strain. As a result distillers never know if they are buying the same yeast as they used previously. Bread yeast also never contains the added nutrients the yeast needs to survive in an alcohol fermentation.

Here at MoonshineStillPro we offer the highest quality yeasts available for the hobby distiller. Our Turbo Yeast is an advanced alcohol tolerant strain combined with all the nutrients needed for a quality fermentation. This next generation turbo yeast is a mile high ahead of cheap turbos being sold by some of our competitors. If you have read old web posts defaming the turbo yeasts of yesteryear you really need to try this one. We also offer modified turbo yeasts developed for specific types of spirits (whiskey, vodka, rum, etc.). Together with the proper yeast strain for the purpose these yeasts contain just the right quantity and type of nutrients that may otherwise be missing so that you will get the best possible fermentation. Most of our yeasts also contain the enzyme amyloglucosidase for breaking longer chain sugars therefore increasing the alcohol yield. Distilling yeast technology has improved greatly in recent years. Don't produce inferior moonshine whiskey, vodka, rum and other spirits using using old school yeasts. Buy the best at really good prices from us here at MoonshineStillPro and you will taste the difference.
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Alcotec Rum Yeast Yeast, Rum Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
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